A booking deposit (non refundable) of €150 or agreed amount is required to confirm a wedding cake booking. The remaining balance is due 28 days before collection or delivery. If your cake is ordered within the 28 day period full payment is due to book.

Currently, no deposit is required for an occasion/celebration cake or dessert table items. Payment for occasion/celebration cake must be paid at collection/on delivery.

Full payment for items bought through the online shop must be received before collection/delivery. Cake Stand Hire is available with the purchase of a Helen Hunt Cake Design Wedding Cake or Celebration Cake. Cake stand hire requires a security deposit which is due 7 days prior to the collection/delivery. Security deposits varies depending on stand chosen and is follows:

Light Rustic Hexagon Base and Gold Hexagon Hoop €150

10" Round Wooden Pedestal Stand €90

12" Rose Gold Pedestal Stand €100

12" Gold Square Stand €100

Hired out cake stands must be returned in their original condition and within 3 days of the event to receive a full security deposit refund.


Wedding cake sample boxes can be arranged. Once a wedding cake save the date deposit is received the cake sample box is complimentary. A cake sample box can be arranged before paying the save the date deposit at a cost of €30. This includes 6 samples of my choosing. Additional requested samples will cost an additional €30 regardless of whether the save the date deposit is paid or not. Allergens of the cake sample boxes will be included in the box. 


All cakes are hand crafted and therefore, a slight variation in colour and position of designs may occur. Any change to the design or size of your cake must be communicated via email at your earliest convenience to ensure the change is viable. Please note that no changes can be made within 7 days of the collection/delivery date.


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order please email helenhuntcakedesign@gmail.com. Cancellations must be received in writing via helenhuntcakedesign@gmail.com. All wedding cake deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Wedding cakes cancelled within 5 weeks are subject to full payment. This is policy as some elements of your cake may be ordered/made months in advance and other business may be turned away for your date. Celebration cakes cancelled within two weeks of your date are subject to full payment.

Cupcake orders cancelled within 2 days cannot be refunded. Online shop items cancelled within 1 day of collection/delivery cannot be refunded.

Any additional items specifically ordered for your order ie. cake toppers must be paid in full if order is cancelled.


Once your cake(s) has been collected I am not responsible or liable for it. When transporting your cake, ensure your vehicle is clean and tidy and has adequate space for the cake. Cakes should be transported either in the foot well of the passenger seat or the car boot as these are flat surfaces and the cake cannot slide. Please ensure there are no objects which can fall onto the cake when travelling. Cakes should not be carried on a person’s knee or on the car seat as these are not even surfaces and the cake may fall if you stop suddenly.


Please store your cake in the delivery box and according to the information label provided. Usually, in a cool room away from direct heat and out of direct sunlight. Do not place a fondant finished cake in the fridge as it can affect the decoration of the cake. Once cut wrap any cut edges in clingfilm or foil to preserve the freshness & place in an airtight container. Sponge cake is best eaten within 24 hours of delivery. Chocolate biscuit cake will last up to one week if placed in an airtight container in a cool place. Helen Hunt Cake Design is not responsible for the incorrect storage of any item after collection or delivery has occurred.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure non edible items are removed before cutting the cake. These include: fresh flowers and foliage, supporting dowels in tiered cakes, ribbons and their secures, wires in sugar flowers, cocktail sticks in figures.


Any cake(s) placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to heat. Helen Hunt Cake Design is not liable for cakes once they have been delivered or collected.


Helen Hunt Cake Design is not responsible for any damage caused after collection or after delivery. Any issue regarding damage, design, size or any other concern of a finished cake/dessert item(s)/online shop item(s) must be made at collection or at delivery of the products as after this interaction Helen Hunt Cake Design is not responsible for the item(s). Errors & damage with nationwide delivery orders must be made within 24 hours of receiving delivery after this point Helen Hunt Cake Design is not responsible.


Payment(s) of item(s) must be received before order is available for collection or delivery. Pictures of the items are only for representation purposes. All items are made to order and therefore may differ from the picture.


Items made with gluten free ingredients are available to purchase from Helen Hunt Cake Design with the understanding that the customer read fully read the product information and is happy to proceed with purchasing and consumption the product in the full knowledge that the product is made in a kitchen with uses normal (wheat) flour on a regular basis. Efforts are made by the owner to reduce the risk gluten cross contaminating with non gluten products however, there is still a risk that a product made with gluten free ingredients may become contaminated with gluten. Helen Hunt Cake Design has made it clear through the item page and terms and conditions that a product made with gluten free ingredients cannot be guaranteed to be gluten free. Requests for items to be made with gluten free ingredients are subject to a premium.


Helen Hunt Cake Design lists the allergens associated with the recipe for each online menu item on the shop page. However, it must be stated that this kitchen uses ingredients which contain gluten, milk, eggs, nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia, cashews, pistachios) peanuts/treenuts, sesame seeds, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, soyabean, fish, crustaceans, celery, mustard and molluscs. Care is taken to reduce the risk of cross contamination but Helen Hunt Cake Design cannot guarantee that an item is free from any of the above. The allergen information is provided with every item on collection/delivery by means of an information label on the box.


Delivery of items are sent to the address as provided by the purchaser. Helen Hunt Cake Design cannot arrange the re-routing of a package once it has been sent. It is the purchaser's responsible to provide the correct address and to include the Eircode to ensure no issues with delivery. Errors & damage with nationwide delivery orders must be made within 24 hours of receiving delivery after this point Helen Hunt Cake Design is not responsible.